Doctor Who Links

Here are some great Doctor Who and fan film resources from around the web!  Please note that is not responsible for the content of external sites.

Doctor Who: The Official Site - The official site of the BBC series Doctor Who

Doctor Who Forum - (now closed) the world's largest and most popular Doctor Who fan discussion community, first established in 2001.

Gallifrey Base - A Doctor Who forum set up to replace the old Doctor Who Forum

Outpost Gallifrey - Great news site for Doctor Who

Whotopia - The Canadian Doctor Who Fan Magazine

The Doctor Who Fan Film Database - The idea of this website is to bring together every Doctor Who fan film ever made and you give the chance to watch them. Although, not just watch, we'd like you to help by reviewing them too. - Great resource for fan films from every genre! - This is where I first got introduced to the concept of fan films around six or seven years ago. - Lower Mainland Urban Streetwear

Virtuosi Media - This company put the website together.