About Doctor Who::Victimsight

About Victimsight

The Doctor has landed on Earth on a typical day when he is suddenly thrown into a conspiracy involving murder and intrigue. An old enemy resurfaces as the Doctor, with the help of a new friend, tries to figure out how to escape his unusual prison and prove his innocence.

What are people saying about Doctor Who :: Victimsight?

"An excellent example of a new breed of higher-gloss/high-aspiration Who fan film, this Canadian production has strong echoes of the recent BBC series, but retains a distinct identity and is sharply directed by Eldon Letkeman. Shot in hi-def, Victimsight is colorful and engaging."
- FanFilmFollies.com

"We all watched it and thought it was fantastic and were quite jealous of the wonderful production values and excellent acting!"
- Doctor Who 2009

"The film is quite faithful to the sprit of 21st Century Doctor Who which combines elements of the current BBC Wales production with X Files sensibilities in a well-made Canadian drama."
- Whotopia.ca

"The acting is nicely done and you'll love the chemistry between this unique beloved quirky Doctor and his leading lady companion. ... I enjoyed watching it. I found the Doctor and his companion to both be easy to love, and I would watch another film if they make one."
- fanfiction.net

Original Music by Bryan Steeksma
Visual effects by Robert Westendorp
Produced by Eldon Letkeman & Robert Westendorp
Executive Produced by Michael Alderking & Marie Tate
Based on “Doctor Who” created for the BBC by Sydney Newman
Story by Eldon Letkeman and Robert Westendorp
Screenplay by Eldon Letkeman
Directed by Eldon Letkeman