Victimsight Trailer

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2008-08-23 03:38:42 | Permalink

Well done!

Well mixed, great music, well edited. I am excited to see the whole thing. Love it!

2008-08-24 01:09:55 | Permalink
The Master

The Master

I see you've changed your appearance slightly again doctor. How unfortunate. Isn't this somewhere close to your 11th regeneration? That would mean I can look forward to seeing the Valeyard soon HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! MARVELOUS EFFORT Simply marvelous especially that Jay Danziger fellow....Yes I know who you are..and Being a timelord I know who you were and I know who you will be...Don't I doctor HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

2008-08-29 04:29:38 | Permalink

It's Awesome

I just can't get enough of this trailer. It's so good!

2008-09-26 10:55:44 | Permalink


looks very exciting. Can I have that tie when you've finished?

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