Welcome to the new site!

08/12/08 | Eldon

Hey all,

I just want to welcome you all to the new home for Doctor Who::Victimsight. It's been a crazy couple of months now, trying to get this project going, but it's been totally worth it. We will have our trailer available for viewing on Saturday, August 16 on the site, as well as more things available for you to peruse. We'll have more cast and crew bios soon as well as several picture galleries. Keep checking the site as the weeks go by.

As well, don't forget to sign up as a member to recieve all the insider information on Doctor Who::Victimsight. we'll be post some cool new stuff soon.

A special thank you to Virtuosi Media for doing a wonderful job on this website. We can't thank you guys enough.

Cheers and thanks for visiting!



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