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07/27/09 | Eldon

Hey all,

As we bring this project to a close, I just want to share a little from my heart.  We are now just a little over a month from releasing a project that has been two years in the making.  I have to come to enjoy the process and the journey of Victimsight.  It has been enlightening, entertaining and, at some times, very challenging.

When we first began, Robert Westendorp and I had met after not seeing each other for many years. He and I graduated from high school together and we were good friends. But as life does to us so many times, we drifted apart. We both got married and started our respective families.

Then came Facebook...

Ah yes, that great social networking tool that takes up valuable time of our already very busy lives. Facebook got us connected again after several years. We sat down for coffee in a little quiet coffee shop and began to discuss our lives up until then.  The topic, of course, moved to Doctor Who. Robert had been a fan for years since Tom Baker and Peter Davison and I was a new fan, jumping on the bandwagon with Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant.  We began to share our love for this wonderful and quirky show made across the pond in jolly ol' England.  I also shared about my love for film making and theatre; something I had been doing since I was twelve years old.  I had been performing on stage in classical theatre for many years and I really wanted to try my hand at making movies. I had made several little things, but nothing extremely large.  So Robert and I talked about making a Doctor Who film.

At first Robert thought we would make a little film consisting of a little scene with some special effects.  I, on the other hand, wanted to produce something that would tell a great story. And thus, Victimsight was born.  And we haven't stopped since.

I look back now at our humble beginnings and I am astounded at the journey that we took. When we first started, I was having some health problems and I was unsure if we could actually finish it. But I rose above the challenge and with some much needed help and prodding, and God's grace, I came through.  We are still a humble little team, but we acccomplished something that many people set out to do, but end up getting discouraged and give up.

If I have anything to say from this experience, it would be to stay the course, never give up and never surrender, because that big break might be just around the corner.  Our little (or big) project may not be perfect, but it's ours, it was a labour of love and I have loved every minute of it.

That's my two cents worth. 

The film is almost completed. Robert and I watched it the other day, and I must say, I really enjoyed it. It made me forget that we actually made the film.  In the near future we'll be doing an interview witha  Doctor Who magazine so stay tuned for that. As well, we'll be sending our film to several Doctor Who conventions, so we'll be posting a schedule of those viewings.

Thanks for joining us on this adventure and I hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour on September 4, 2009.

And as a bonus, here's a copy of what the DVD might look like:




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VictimSight is comin to YO HOUSE!!!!!!

dude, thats a sick DVD cover... I'm really excited to get mine..... autographed of course....

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