Does our Doctor resemble David Tennant?

08/14/09 | Eldon

I just came across a comment made on my website regarding the look of the Doctor in our film and I want to set the record straight. But first I'd like to repost the comment here:

what the h***...

the new actor playing the Doctor is a copy -cat of the style even in clothes.. omg what ever happen to each Dr. being there own person. There was no compairson to Pertwee from T.Baker..or even McGann to the 9th Dr. please don't get me wrong i think the style for David tennant suited him fine... other than this, the story clip was nice .

Our intention was never to copy David Tennant in any way. Although Graham Steekmsa looks like David's younger brother, we always intended that this was an independent Doctor, separate from the series Doctors. Graham had never seen the show prior to our casting him but, of course, became a big fan after. He was able to incorporate certain eccentricities of most of the previous Doctors while injecting his own character nuances into the performance. As for the costume and hairstyle, we tried several variations and this is what worked the best. I don't think it at all resembles David Tennant and in the end, Graham's performance will stand on it's own.

End Rant.

We are now 20 days away and counting. We are on schedule and the film is looking great. We are working on our extras for the DVD. We will be including bloopers , a commentary with me, the producer, Graham and Aurora, a behind-the scenes-documentary and more production photos. The DVD should be available sometime around the end of September. I can't wait for you guys to see it.




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