BIG NEWS! - The Little Fan Film that Could!

04/06/10 | Eldon

The official announcement has been made! We are the little fan film that could!

Doctor Who :: Victimsight made it on the ballot for the Constellation Awards! Congratulations to Aurora Buchanan who played Anna Thoms.  She has been nominated for Best Actress in a movie.  We want to wish Aurora the best of luck. 

In my opinion, this is a big win for all fan films.  This says that we, independent film makers, can compete with the big wigs, the Hollywood celebrity.  Anybody can do it!  If you have an idea for a movie, a script or anything, don't hesitate to get started.  That's all we did.  And we're here today to prove that it can be done!

Congrats Aurora, you earned it!

And don't forget to go and vote at



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