Back Up and Running!

08/19/08 | Eldon

Hey all,

The site is now back up and running smoothly.  All the bugs seem to have been worked out, hence I can now do my blog!

Well, the new trailer for Doctor Who :: Victimsight is generating a lot of buzz.  People are excited about it, and of course we are too.  It's been quite a process getting this thing ready, but I'm pleased with our success.  If you haven't had a chance to do so, check it out here.

Now we just have to get into the editijng mode for the entire project.  My partner, Robert, and I are both moving our respective families in the coming weeks, so it looks like we won't get started until at least the end of September.  But I'm hoping we can have other content up for you in the meantime (bios, pictures, other media, etc.)  Just stick around for a while.

From all of us at, Thanks.




2008-08-23 03:39:42 | Permalink

love it

Looking forward to the whole thing!

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