A glitch in my behavior

09/07/09 | Eldon

Hey all,

I am so happy with the response from Victimsight. I feel very humbled by all those who have seen it. It has been such a wonderful experience.


I recently made a comment on this site that was unjustified and ignorant. I basically implied that someone's opinion wasn't valid, and that they had something stuck up their butt. I was very wrong. I must apologize for this remark and ask for forgiveness. I was hasty and angry and I should have listened to reason. For this I am truly sorry. I do not want my big fat mouth to get in the way of allowing people to enjoy my film.  Please accept my humblest apologies.

I do, however, still stand by Graham's performance.

Kind Regards,



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It's perfectly natural to defend your project, and you should not apologise for being passionate about something you believe in...

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I did say that they should get an enema. I removed that text though and kept to issue at hand.

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Dale Who

Enema of the World? The Invisible Enema?

That just made me laugh! Whilst people are perfectly entitled to their opinion, and sci-fi fans are also known for being a little... extreme and polar in either loving or hating something, it also means you're perfectly entitled to have and express your opinion as well.

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Very True

Of courrrse. But in the spirit of not alienating anyone and allowing my film to be watched by all, I decided that an apology would be in order.

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Dale Who

That's very noble of you. Generally, noble that is, not Donna Noble.

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