Bryan Steeksma - Composer


Over the last half-decade, Bryan Steeksma has begun making a name for himself in the Canadian Music Industry as a guitarist, singer-songwriter and founder of his band, The Heck, as well as producing CDs for other local BC artists.

Initially writing songs that were largely guitar-driven, Bryan is expanding his horizons into scoring for independent movies and fan films such as "Doctor Who :: Victimsight", and writing songs that feature lush production and instrumentation.

Bryan has co-written songs with Todd Kerns, Doug Fury, and Peter Karroll for the Heck's debut album, "the Heck". Most recently, he collaborated with Anet Ducharme on a number of songs, one of which (Blacklight)  was selected by the popular Quebec rock band "Jonas" for inclusion on their album "Suite Life"

Demo versions of Bryan's personal selection of songs available to other artists, movies, and game companies can be found on his website at